Building Disciplined Disciple Compiler (DDC) on Ubuntu

In Haskell on November 23, 2011 by Matt Giuca Tagged:

A quick note for anybody who finds it: I’ve been trying to build Ben Lippmeier’s Disciplined Disciple Compiler (DDC), a dialect of Haskell, and had little success until I figured out a way of doing it.

I had a problem building it on both Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10. I followed the instructions here: Building DDC. Not wanting to build Haskell or a significant number of libraries from source or install using Cabal, I used apt-get to install all that I could:

$ sudo apt-get install ghc6 alex libghc6-mtl-* libghc6-parsec3-* libghc6-regex-* libghc6-quickcheck2-* \
        libghc6-haskell-src-* x11proto-xext-dev libx11-dev libxv-dev

But as it says there, you still need to use Cabal to install text and buildbox:

$ sudo apt-get install cabal-install
$ cabal update
$ cabal install text -p

So far, so good.

$ cabal install buildbox -p
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: cannot configure buildbox- It requires base ==4.4.*
For the dependency on base ==4.4.* there are these packages: base- and
base- However none of them are available.
base- was excluded because of the top level dependency base -any
base- was excluded because of the top level dependency base -any

WTF? So it turns out what this error is trying to tell you is that buildbox- requires version 4.4 of the package base, which is the main GHC library. I don’t know why the versions of the base package don’t match the versions of GHC, but they don’t. Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 include GHC versions 6.12.3 and 7.0.3, respectively. I don’t know what version of base comes with 11.04, but 11.10 includes base version (try “cabal info base“) — too old for buildbox. And Cabal refuses to install a newer version of base.

The solution? Just install an older version of buildbox (you can see them with “cabal info buildbox“). For me, this is:

$ cabal install buildbox- -p


Presumably, Ubuntu 12.04 will include a sufficiently new version of GHC that this won’t be a problem (Edit: at the time of writing, the latest version of GHC is 7.2.1). But of course, it could happen again in the future, because that’s what happens when package managers get into fights.


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